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Updating itunes library

The network sharing method described above isn't reflected in your shared master library, which means that as far as i Tunes is concerned, you've lost interest in your downloads, and it'll suspend your subscription.i Tunes has stopped downloading new episodes of this TEDTalks podcast because I haven't listened to any episodes lately.Now, to make sure your remote listening habits are recorded in your master i Tunes library, return to the Preferences pane's Sharing section and check the box beside "Home Sharing computers and devices update play counts." Now that you've set up Home Sharing, you can also playback your master library on your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod Touch when you're connected to the same network.

If you're using i Tunes in an office, you may find that it's not available throughout your workplace, depending on how your corporate network has been structured.However, if you want to control what's available, rather than broadcast everything, select "Share selected playlists" and choose which playlists you'd like to make public by checking the boxes beside them.Applying restrictions this way means you can share a single track or album by creating a new playlist for just that item.By tweaking a few settings through i Tunes preference panes, you can control who can access your network, what they'll find there, and how your own remote listening habits can update your shared playlists and stats.Traditional network sharing This was the first -- and at one time the only -- choice if you wanted to share your i Tunes library.

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"i Tunes contains some (but not all) of the same information stored in the i Tunes Library file.