Dirty chatlines when is a gain recognized in consolidating financial information

Posted by / 31-Jan-2018 00:31

Dirty chatlines

Seems there is some disagreement as to whether they're just plain phone sex lines (which I could understand) vs talking to a big group of random losers who call chat lines at 2 AM (which seems like the saddest thing ever).

When I was a teen, in the late 90s (when everyone was still new to AOL) one girl from my class got hooked on these lines.They weren't "pay to chat with hot people on the other end" lines, they were local numbers you could call to leave messages for other people who called.You would also leave a "profile" so people could find you. I know we didn't pay for it, so I forget how it worked. We don't get much spam here (that I've seen) so I couldn't resist. Does this mean we'll only get those people in here who actually would call those lines? Why would someone pay a fee to call a number to talk to a bunch of strangers or people who are pretending to be other people? When I posted, I was debating whether to use that title or not. They are one of those things I could never understand.

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